Murat Usanmaz was born in İstanbul, has been involved in playing guitar without any professional support.

Following his graduation from Guitar department of İstanbul University State Conservatory, he studied at the École Normale de Musıque de Paris.

Including many places in Turkey, he played in his concerts in China, Russia, Algeria, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Italy, Turkmenistan.

Has been placed third at the international guitar contest of Paris prodige-art.

He made the world premiere of the piece Adiós Maestro’ he wrote for Paco de Lucia on the concert tribute of Paco de Lucia on the International Guitar Festival of Sevilla.

Along his being the first musician who played the first guitar concert of Turkey by Cemal Reşit Ray Guitar Concerto he also gave live into the first performances of many pieces.

In addition to his TV programmes, he performed the several guitar concertos accompanied with various symphony orchestras.

He released his first Cd, ‘From Bach to Paco’ in Spain  and he released the second cd in Turkey with own music and lyrics, ‘Yol’

He is playing as a soloist with many symphony orchestras and giving recitals.

He also gives concerts all over the world with his group ‘Flamenco de Anadolucia’ consisting of Turkish and Spanish musicians. They are playing his own music like a fusion flamenco, Turkish music and Latin jazz.